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About the Pledge Pool


The pledge pool is designed to help the growth of the Cleveland State University Wrestling Program. The money gifted goes directly to the Cleveland Regional Training Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the Cleveland State University Wrestling Team. The future growth of our program depends on the support of our alumni, friends, family, and fans! 

Each pledge received will directly impact the wrestling program by providing additional resources for student-athlete scholarship, travel (competition), facility improvements (locker room/wrestling room), as well as anything else needed to help CSU Wrestling compete with the nations best wresting programs.

Pin Pledge Update

Pin Leaders

7 Pins- Nick Corba

4 Pins- Evan Cheek, Gabe Stark and John Kelbly

3 Pins- Andrew Coghill and Georgio Poullas

2 Pins- Cameron Lathem, Colton Carroll, and Brady Barnett

1 Pin- Andrew Fairbanks, Devon Pingel, Ryan Ford, and Andrew Murphy

Total Pins = 35


Any donations made through the pledge pool are considered tax-free donations


Pledge for Pins

How It Works

Determined by pins made by any team member during the current years schedule, which includes regular season tournaments, dual meets, conference event, and nationals. Over the last five years, the CSU wrestling has averaged 30 pins per season.

If you pledge $5 per pin and the team accumulates 30 pins during the season, your total donation is $150.

The wrestling staff will track results throughout the season and provide updates on this website and social media channels.

At the conclusion of the season, you will receive a notice with the results of your pledge and instructions for making your donation.

$104 Per Pin x 35 pins=

$3,640 Raised

  1. Andrew Coghill WBF Harry Feuer- Kent State :16
  2. Brady Barnett WBF Micheal Murphy- Virginia 2:13
  3. Georgio Poullas WBF Jacob Smith- UPJ 4:45
  4. Gabe Stark WBF Jake Lanning- Buffalo :57
  5. Nick Corba WBF Tyler Bagoly- Clarion 3:38
  6. Nick Corba WBF Brett Perry- Buffalo 4:23
  7. Andrew Coghill WBF Avery Henry- Edinboro :35
  8. John Kelbly WBF Aaron Paddock- Edinboro 1:37
  9. Nick Corba WBF Bradley Metz- Findlay 8:36
  10. Brady Barnett WBF Dillon Hoey- Indiana 1:08
  11. John Kelbly WBF Jacob Holmes- Davenport :31
  12. Andrew Fairbanks WBF Andy Hansen- Dav. 1:56
  13. Gabe Stark WBF Jared Leidich- EMU 4:51
  14. Gabe Stark WBF Dylan Barreiro- KSU 5:57
  15. John Kelbly WBF Max Ihry- NIU 6:59
  16. Gabe Stark WBF Andrew McNally- EMU 2:01
  17. Cameron Lathem WBF Alex Reyes- JCU 1:53
  18. Georgio Poullas WBF Vittorio Santillo JCU 3:58
  19. John Kelbly WBF John Szep JCU 3:22
  20. Ryan Ford WBF Trey Grenier Ohio :55
  21. Andrew Murphy WBF Jacob Taylor Mount Union 2:24
  22. Colton Carroll WBF Hunter Rollins CMU 3:39
  23. Colton Carroll WBF Adrian Cervantes JJC 2:35
  24. Devon Pingel WBF Kyle Young (UNA) 2:01
  25. Nick Corba WBF Quentin Ellis MNU 0:45
  26. Nick Corba WBF Kyle Davis Buffalo 3:20
  27. Cameron Lathem WBF Seth Horty Indiana 4:47
  28. Nick Corba WBF Nick Mosco North Carolina 4:23
  29. Andrew Coghill WBF Talha Farooq George Mason 5:04
  30. Georgi Poullas WBF Ryan Yorkdale GMU 2:47 
  31. Nick Corba WBF Austin Harrison George Mason  2:32
  32. Evan Cheek WBF Shawn Orem Bloomsburg Fall 3:19
  33. Evan Cheek WBF Nate Hagan (EU) - Fall 2:45
  34. Evan Cheek WBF Tejon Anthony (GMU) - Fall 6:48
  35. Evan Cheek WBF Brock Zacherl (Clarion) - Fall 2:52

Make Your Pin Pledge


Current Donors


Level 5 / National Champion
$50+ Per Pin

Benefits: Coaches Polo (or Sweatshirt), T-Shirt, Dinner with Coaching Staff, Invite to Banquet, and two complimentary tickets to all home matches.

Level 5 Donors also receive the Coaches email update and access to match socials.



Level 4 / All American
$25+ Per Pin

Benefits: Coaches Polo (or Sweatshirt) and T-Shirt, and two complimentary tickets to all home matches.

Level 4 Donors also receive the Coaches email update and access to match socials.



Level 3 / Conference Champ
$10+ Per Pin

Benefits: Coaches Polo (or Sweatshirt) and Coaches email update and access to match socials.


Jason Effner

Neil Waxman



Level 2 / Team Starter
$5 Per Pin

Benefits: T-Shirt and Coaches email update and access to match socials.


Brian Wertman

Derek Bekany

Matt Kelly

Dan O'Dor

Aaron Grossman

Peter Stehura

Bryan Roddy

Gary Sorace

Barry Henderson

Ben Stehura

Ryan Pallinger

Meggin Holcomb

Christine Corba

Lynda Stehura

Mike McLaughlin

John Reid JR



Level 1 / Team Member
$1-$4 Per Pin

Benefits: Coaches Email Update and access to match socials


Debra Stover

Nathan Kmetz


Suzanne Santillo

Michael Spayd